Engineering science day

Engineering Sciences Day Organized by The Laboratory of Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (LAMS) of the Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik, in collaboration with:

  • the Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications and Computer Science (LMAI) of the Normal Higher School of Casablanca.
  • The Laboratory of Modeling Applied to Economy and Management (LMAEGE) of the FSJES Aïn Sebaâ of Casablanca
  • The Laboratory Topology, Algebra, Geometry and Discrete Structures (LTAGSD) of the Faculty of Sciences Ain Chok of Casablanca
  • The Laboratory of Mathematics, Computer Science and Application (LMIA) of the Faculty of Sciences and techniques of Mohammedia
  • The Laboratory of Mathematical modeling and economic calculation (LM2C) of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Settat.
  • To download the program click here;