Appel de mobilité du personnel de l'enseignement et des administartifs dans le cadre du programme européen Erasmus +

L’Internationalisation de l’université Hassan 1er, est l’un des points forts de sa stratégie de développement, qui s’articule sur l’ouverture permanente vis à vis des nouveaux horizons que ce soit au niveau National et régional en particulier ou aussi au niveau international en participant à des projets et programmes internationaux et en cherchant des partenariats actives et efficaces dont l’amélioration des compétences des étudiants de l’Université Hassan 1er est l’objectif principal.

A cet effet l’université s’est engagée dans plusieurs programmes d’échange et de mobilité dans le cadre des programmes Erasmus-Mundus et Erasmus +, afin de donner l’occasion à ses étudiants et staff de découvrir et explorer des nouveaux modes de recherches et de formation d’une part, et d’échanger les expériences et les différentes cultures d’autres part.

MOBILITE 2017-2018

Appel à mobilité "Universisité Cadiz"

We are pleased to inform you that the Call for Incoming students to study in the University of Cadiz (UCA) SMS-in for the second semester 2017-2018 has been publishes recently. You can see all the details of the Call on the official webpage of UCA and in the attached documents. The Call is published in Spanish, English, Russian and French. If there is any contradiction in the translations of the Call, the Spanish version will override to the English, French and Russian one.

Some details about the Call:

1.      Who can participate in this programme?

Students from Bachelor, Master and PhD officially enrolled in the Partner Universities of UCA can participate to this programme if they have passed 60 credits ECTS. In other words, students from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th years of Bachelor studies; Master and PhD students.

2.      Important dates:

This Call is offered for the students to study at UCA during the second semester of 2017-2018 academic year (February-July 2018).

Deadline: 7th of November 2017 – the Partner University should send to UCA the Nomination Letter (Anexo V) signed and stamped by the Partner University. Please, send the PDF version (with the stamp and the signature of the responsible of your University) and an Excel document (without signature, nor stamp, just with the information).

Deadline: 17th of November of 2017 – the students should send the online application/registration form with all the attached documents

and the Partner University should sent to UCA an email with all the scanned documentation of the students.

3.      There is any course in English at UCA?

Yes, but the offer in English is very limited and exists only in some grades.

UCA has a wide offer of courses that could be consulted in the Annex II Courses. There are the courses of Bachelor and Master Degrees of the second semester divided into each degree with the indication of the language of studying. There is also a list of research lines for the students for PhD.

Unfortunately, the academic offer in English is very limited; this is why we strongly recommend to the students and to the coordinators from the Partner Universities to select the subject depending on the language of studying.

If the student or the coordinator has any question about the subject or about the language of the subject, please, contact directly with the Coordinator of the Centre (Faculty) of UCA (Attached document “Información centros de la UCA”).

4.      Do you accept the “non official” Certificates of Level of Language?

Yes, we will accept, as the previous years, all the types of the Certificates of Level of Language, the official ones (TOFEL, Cambridge, PLIDA, Cervantes, etc.) and the Certificates from Academies, Language Centres, issued by the Partner University, etc.

5.      Who chooses the granted students?

All the selection of the granted students is done by the Home (Partner) University. UCA will respect this decision.

6.      Will UCA organise a selection in each country?

No. UCA will not organize any selection in each country. The proses differs from the one has been implemented the last year. UCA will admit the student nominated by the Partner University, if the Learning Agreement of the student is accepted by UCA’s academic coordinator (Coordinator of the Centre or Faculty of UCA). The number of the student with the full scholarship has been indicated to each Partner University as “distribution of the grants” and sent by email at the end of September – beginning of October 2017.

7.      How many students can the University nominate?

The Partner University can nominate the number of student that is indicated in the Interinstitiutional Agreement signed previously. In the case of the new partner Universities of his year, all the information about the Interinstitiutional Agreement will be sent as soon as possible.

UCA guarantees the number of full grants agreed by email as “distribution of the grants”. The difference between the number of grants indicated in the the Interinstitiutional Agreement and the grants indicated in “distribution of grants” could be covered by “zero” grants. (See point III.C of UCA’s Call)

The new Universities of this Project that have not signed the Interinstitiutional Agreement yet, can also apply for “zero” grants, if they are interested in this type of grant. The new partner Universities will be informed about the number of “zero” grant.

8.      If I have any question, who can I write to?

If you are a member of Staff of the Partner University, please write to

If you are a student, please, write to

Please, write only to one email address.

We strongly invite the coordinators to pick up all the students’ questions and ask them as a list. We have 86 partner Universities, so it may be difficult for us to answer all the students’ questions on time.

9.      What does the grant include?

All the information about the amount of the grant is indicated in the point I.B. of UCA’s Call.

10.  Do I need to have a bank account in Spain in order to receive the grant?

No. The amount of the grant will be payed by check in 2 times.  For more information, please, see point IV of UCA’s Call.

11.  If my Home University does not include me in the Nomination Letter, can I participate to the Call?

No. The Erasmus+ KA107 Programme is the programme of cooperation between Universities, so UCA can not accept the student that are not nominated.

12.  Step by step instruction:

1.      UCA publish the Call.

2.      UCA communicate to the Partner Universities about the Call.

3.      The Partner Universities should confirm the reception of the Information.

4.      The Partner Universities make their own Call based on UCA’s Call.

5.      The Partner Universities publish the Call and spread the information in their University and in the Mass media.

6.      The partner Universities establish the deadline for the students in order to present the application forms, this internal deadline should be before the 7th November 2017.

7.      The Partner Universities select the student according the criteria established in UCA’s Call  (Point III.A).

8.      The Partner Universities fulfil the Nomination Letter (Anexo V). For more information, please, see the point III.A.

9.      The Partner Universities send the Nomination Letter as PDF file (with the stamp and the signature of the Partner University) and an Excel file (only needed information, without the stamp and the signature) to by the 7th of November 2017.

10.  UCA contact the nominated students from the principal list of the Nomination Letter and inform them about the process of the online registration and the document they have to attach during this online registration. These will be the 5 needed documents indicated as requirements in the point II.B of UCA’s Call.

11.  The International Office of the Partner University should establish the deadline of the presentation of all the needed documents (point II.B) by the students. This deadline should be before the 17th of November 2017.

12.  The students should fulfil the online registration and attach the needed documents by the 17th of November 2017. They should do it all as an online registration. UCA’s international Office will not accept the scanned documents sent by the students.

13.  If the Students have any problem while filling in the form or attaching the documents, they should write about the problem to

14.  The students should hand in all the needed documentation (point II.B of UCA’s Call) to the International Office of the Partner University  by the deadline establishes by the partner University.

15.  The International Office of the Partner University should scan all the documents as one file for each student (one PDF per student) and name it as “surname, name of the nominated student” (in Lathan alphabet, as in the international passport).

16.  The International Office of the Partner University should send to the International Office of UCA by the 17th of November 2017 the scanned documents to

17.  UCA will confirm the reception of the documents.

18.  UCA will register and review the documents.

19.  UCA will publish the Provisional Resolution with a list of admitted documents and excluded documents with the explication of the exclusion.

20.  UCA will inform the Partner Universities about the Provisional resolution.

21.  The students will have 10 workdays in order to correct the documents.

22.  The students should send the corrected documents to

23.  UCA will examine all the corrected documents.

24.  The International Office of UCA will send the Learning Agreements of the nominated students and the Certificate of the Level of Language to the academic coordinators (Coordinator of the Centre or Faculty at UCA).

25.  The Academic coordinators will examine the Learning Agreements and the Language Certificates.

26.  The academic coordinators of UCA will send back to the International Office of UCA the entire student’s documents and will  indicate if they accept or refuse the nominated student.

27.  At the middle of December UCA will publish the Definitive Resolution with a list of granted and “zero” granted students and another list of excluded students.

28.  UCA will inform the Partner Universities about the publishing of the Definitive Resolution. 

29.  The granted students should accept the grant by email writing to

30.  UCA will send to the granted students the Invitation Letter and the signed Learning Agreement in order the students could apply for visa.

31.  The students should apply for student visa in the corresponding Embassy or Consulate of Spain.

32.  UCA’s responsibilities are indicated in the point IV.

33.  The students’ responsibilities are indicated in the point V.



Appel à mobilité "Université Porto - Portugal"


University of porto  invite you to take a look at the fantastic academic and social environment lived at:

·    University of Porto!

·    Portugal

·    Porto - Best European Destination 2017

We hereby would like to remind you that the period for students´ applications, for 2nd semester, is still open! Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we send you the detailed information about the Application Procedures for the Academic Year 2017/2018, that students should read and follow carefully. Moreover, you may consult the Info Sheet of the University of Porto, for additional information.

To ensure a good preparation and implementation of the agreed mobility, we kindly ask for your collaboration in the wide dissemination of the given information to the Departments, Coordinators and potential applicants of your Institution.

We take this opportunity to inform you that regarding applications within Bilateral Cooperation Agreements and/or Specific Addendums, the number of places available and agreed on between our institutions must always be confirmed. Considering the high number of agreements, it is rather frequent the inexistence of pre-defined places. For this reason, in case of doubt regarding the number of mobility places available, we recommend that Partner Institutions contact directly the U.Porto Faculty(ies).


All Applications should be submitted ONLINE.


1 - Academic application procedures


Students selected by their Home Institution have to ask for the required username and password to access the Application Form, available in the U.Porto International > Mobility Students > apply now!

The system will, automatically, send an e-mail to the registered students with a username and password.

Candidates must use this data to access the U. Porto website and start filling in the Application Form .

We strongly advise all students interested in undertaking a mobility period at the U.Porto to read the Online Application Guide also available in the same page (sidebar on the right).

For a more effective and easier way to fill the Application, we recommend students to organize all information and personal documents with the responsible person for the mobility at the Home Institution. Once the online application form is completed, it must be submitted by the student.

Students must then printthe PDF file of the Application Form and collect the signature and stamp of the Mobility Coordinator. To conclude the application, students must upload all required documents in ONE file (Application Form duly signed and stamped by your Home Institution, transcript of recordspersonal documents, etc).

Once all these stages are concluded, the application will be analysed by the University of Porto.

The deadlines for submission of exchange students´ applications are:

·         Full Academic year – 31st May (results to be announced from 1st June)

·         1st semester - 31st May (results to be announced from 1st June)

·         2nd semester – 15th October (results to be announced from 16th October)

In order to have detailed information about academic calendar, study catalogues, course programmes, ECTS guide (Credit System  applied at the U.Porto) and dates for the exams, we advise students to consult our Education Offer  as well as each Faculty's site (under 'Cursos / Degrees'). For additional information, students may also contact directly the Faculty of interest, whose contacts are available in the same page. Information in English is available by clicking on the British flag at the top of the pages.


2 – Preparation of the Mobility


Students should organize their travel according to the Academic Calendar of the U.Porto, ensuring they will arrive to the beautiful city of Porto on time to participate in all academic and welcoming activities specially planned and organized by the University of Porto.

Students that, for any reason, cannot attend classes from the first day, should arrive no later than the end of the first week of classes.

In order to help clarifying the most frequent doubts from international students, we recommend to carefully read our "Being International at U.Porto" and "Living" sections, so as to better prepare your mobility.

The U.Porto has recently launched "Stories@Porto" a collection of short video testimonials where students from different nationalities share their experience at the University of Porto.


3 – Teaching Language and Portuguese Language Courses


Each course´s teaching language is identified in the Education Offer of the U.Porto.

It is noteworthy that most of the subjects lectured at the University of Porto are taught in Portuguese. Although the U.Porto does not impose any mandatory language requirements to exchange students, each student must check with the Faculty/Department the specific requirements (linguistic and academic) to enable his/her application to the U.Porto. It is worth mentioning that U.Porto may also provide a tutorial support in English to students that request for it and whenever possible. Also note that, some teachers may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this situation can only be agreed upon arrival in each individual case.

More detailed information about the Portuguese Language Courses offered at the U.Porto, is available online.

For other Language Courses please check the list of Continuing Training Courses


or contact our Faculty of Arts:


Ângela Oliveira

Gabinete de Português para Estrangeiros
Faculty of Arts 
Phones: +351 22 607 71 65 
Fax: + 351 22 609 16 10 


Appel à mobilité "Université Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi – Roumanie"

Il est porté aux étudiants et aux personnels qu’un appel de  mobilité est ouvert vers l’Université Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi – Roumanie  dans le cadre du Programme Erasmus+. Du 15 septembre au 15 octobre 2017 :

Le nombre de bourses pour le Maroc est le suivant :

  • Mobilité étudiantes (Licence/Master/Doctorat) : 4
  • Mobilité du personnel enseignant : 6
  • Mobilité du personnel administratif : 7

 Pour des renseignements complémentaires, veuillez consulter le lien